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  • When is it? NOW. It's on-demand, so you can watch it anytime you want. Click and play!
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  • Who presented? Presented by Robert Feeney, Co-Founder & Master Coach at Ringorang (The #1 Training Reinforcement App)
  • Why should I watch? Discover the ‘Secret System’ Revolutionizing The Training Reinforcement Industry
  • What's it all about? A 5-step process to rewire how you communicate information to your people so that they develop HABITS. Full details below

Best Practices From Over A Decade Of Client Delivery

"After 10+ years working through issues in Fortune 500s and Federal government research trials, I can now share with you the secret to high-power training reinforcement, so you can unlock unlimited potential for your organization, and stop the biggest waste factor every organization faces:  

Training gets lost immediately after people take it.  

We’ve learned from and delivered to the best. I can’t wait to share with you what we’ve discovered. In this webinar, I’m an open book. You’ll learn the same impactful system I used in these world-changing environments which you can take into your organization TODAY.  

Robert Feeney - Co-Founder & Master Coach at Ringorang

During This FREE Training Webinar, You Will Learn:

  • Keys to Saving In Multiple Areas Quickly. One Fortune 500 company uses this EXACT system to avert the same $400M loss that a peer company recently experienced. And they saw measurable transformation in their first month of use! 

  • Why Anybody Can Use This Approach & Win. One Organizational Development consultant uses this same system to multiply revenue opportunities and position himself over his competitors. 

  • How This Suddenly Became Available To The Masses. The methodologies used in this system used to only be available to massive organizations with unlimited budgets and were always out of reach for the everyday business until now.  

  • Why Taking Steps Now Will Avoid Growth Reversal. With this technology falling in the hands of everyday businesses, those who discover it and start to use it FIRST will be the ones that receive the greatest benefits from it.  

  • A-to-Z Answers You Can Act On Immediately. Robert will cover EVERYTHING you need to know about this ‘secret system’ and how to start implementing it IMMEDIATELY in your business.